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Innovative and Useful Solar PV System

Looking for an off grid solar power system? Going Solar can design and install a high quality solar pv system that frees you from the electricity grid and lets you enjoy clean, reliable power for many years to come.Off Grid Solar Power Systems, also known as Stand Alone Power Systems , are for households and businesses who are committed to clean power and saving energy during the day.

Why Choose Australian Solar Power for an off grid system?

Off Grid Solar Power systems require special expertise. Since you’ll be relying entirely on the sun for your electricity, it’s crucial to have an award-winning, experienced, trustworthy company which has experience in installing and consulting with some of the premier solar companies in Australia, Hong Kong & China.
Australian Solar Power designs and installs the highest quality off-grid solar systems, representing the latest in technology, and provides seamless integration of solar power systems, batteries, and generators.
Off Grid Solar Power Systems Design and Installation

Every off grid solar power system is individually designed for your building and your electricity consumption. To get started, contact Australian Solar Power for expert technical advice, and let us work with you on your tailored solar system design today.
Types of System Available from Australian Solar Power

SHAKTI – 3 to 5kW High Power Inverter-Battery Systems
SHAKTI Solar – 3 to 5kW Standalone PV Inverter System (Off Grid)
SHAKTI Power – 3 to 5kW PV Inverter-Battery System (Generator optional)

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Looking to go solar for your electricity needs? Going Solar can help you reduce your power bills and your greenhouse gas emissions with a grid-connected solar power system, expertly designed for your home or premises by our in-house engineers, using quality components that are built to last.A Grid Connect Photovoltaics system generates 100% clean electricity via panels located on your roof. This electricity is used first for the needs of your household or building, then any excess is fed back into the power grid, potentially earning you credits from Feed-In Tariffs.

  • In-house engineers design our solar pv system. Buildings come in different shapes and sizes, and different households and businesses use different amounts of electricity at different times. So rather than offering a one-size-fits-all, off the shelf solution, we take the time to develop the best solution for your building and your electricity use. Our systems are based on your needs, not our sales targets.
  • We only use quality components that are built to last. And we back this up with generous warranties: 25 years for panel performance, 5-10 years for inverters, and up to 5 years for labour.
  • We only use trained MNRE India and Clean Energy Council Australia – installers and electricians. We’re fanatical about the quality of our systems, so we supervise the whole process from start to finish.
  • We’ve been committed to sustainability . We’re in the solar power business because we believe in it, not because we’re out to make a quick buck.

Choosing SURYA URJA – a grid connected solar power system is easy! Going Solar have available a range of grid connect systems. The system that suits you will depend on your energy use, available roof space, and budget. Optionally upgrade to SURYA SAVER – a Grid connect systems with battery back up are also available so you will never be out of power, even during a blackout.

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When choosing a solar power system, most households and businesses choose either a grid-connected or an off-grid system.But there’s a third option – SURYA SAVER – a hybrid solar system combines the best of both worlds: the convenience of a grid connected system — including the ability to earn Feed-In Tariff credits — with the extra peace of mind of a battery backup. This means that even during a power blackout, you still have electricity.

Combining energy storage with a grid connection to your property, hybrid systems can provide the flexibility of being able to store the energy you generate during the day instead of feeding it back into the grid. This energy can then be used in the evening instead of buying power.

These hybrid systems are quite sophisticated. They are fully programmable and our in-house designers can custom engineer a system which will provide a smart combination of all the energy sources available to you, giving you a strategic advantage in the reliability, cost and environmental impact of electricity usage.

Providing Uninterruptable Power.

Buying a hybrid system from Australian Solar Power will mean that when the grid fails, your system will keep going. Our hybrid systems are able to disconnect from the network in the event of a grid interruption (when a standard solar system would shut down). You will be able to continue to run certain appliances from your batteries (and solar during sunlight hours).

Allowing you to outsmart the Utilities.

A hybrid system can ‘load shift’ as shown in the figure below. This means that the energy that you generate during the day is not wastefully fed back into the grid with minimal financial return to you. The energy is stored and can be used in the evening or whenever you like.


Hybrid Systems are fully programmable
An advantage of hybrid systems is that they are able to control and balance the available sources of energy:

    • If the power generated by a solar array is insufficient to supply daytime loads as well as charge your batteries, the system can recharge your batteries from the grid.
    • When your electricity usage goes above a certain level, electricity companies may charge you at a higher rate for this increased level of demand. Hybrid systems can provide ‘peak lopping’ where some stored power can be drawn from the batteries to help balance the power usage.
    • ‘Grid support’ can also be provided by your hybrid system if your grid connection does not have the capacity to supply a load. The hybrid system could supply the extra power. And this may allow you to avoid a costly mains upgrade to your property.

The most common questions about solar pv system are about costs! Energy efficiency is always the first step to ensure your solar hybrid fits your electricity consumption profile and you don’t pay for capacity that you don’t need. Here are a few options to get you started with about 10kWh usable storage), however there’s always customisations available to suit your individual needs and goals. Australian Solar Power can work with you and your budget to achieve grid independence.

Remember it’s not just about the economics. SURYA SAVER – the Hybrid systems empower you with energy security, self-sufficiency, lock in your future cost of electricity, control when you use your solar power and provide an uninterrupted power supply when others have lost grid power. And how do you put a value on that?

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