Hybrid solar panels for sale


If you are searching for an advanced solution from a reputed solar panel manufacturers, you wait is over. The dual power of grid connectivity and off-grid system is now combined into a hybrid solar panels for sale- called in the SURYA SAVER.

Your grid system will store surplus energy, and you can use it in the evening, with the help of a battery backup. In other words, the new hybrid product offers you solar connectivity during sunlight hours.

  • Hybrid systems use advanced technological component to give you a customized solution
  • Your solar panel will continue to work even when there is a grid interruption
  • The solar panel cost is effective as you don’t need to feed the energy surplus back to grid systems. The stored energy (in a grid) can be used in the evening at your convenience
  • Energy surplus in the battery can be used daily to reduce your electricity billsrs
  • Available at 10KWH Usable Storage and above

You can now achieve grid independence with a smart solar panel installation system. Surya Saver will give you better returns on the total solar panel cost. It is a futuristic solution from one of the biggest solar panel manufacturers in Asia.

System Options
Standalone or Inverter based systems


Surya Shakti – 3 to 5kW
(High Power Inverter-Battery Systems. 3 options available. Removes dependence on electricity)
Residential Grid Connected Systems


Surya Urja – 1kW to 20kW (grid connected solar systems for homes and offices)
Grid Connected battery Solar Systems


Surya Saver 8000 & 16000
(5kW solar system with 8kWh or 16kWh battery . Perfect where electricity supply is a problem.)
Commercial & Industrial Solar Systems


Customised Solar PV Systems from 20kW to 500kW(Grid Connected with Diesel Generation Connection Optional Battery available)

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