Rajasthan and Jaipur Solar Energy Companies for Hire

If you are looking for a residential or commercial solar panel system - you have come to the right place
Australian Solar Power brings to you solar systems developed, configured & tested in Australia. As one of the best solar companies in Rajasthan, we are manned by professional managers who have worked internationally in multi-billion dollar organisations around the globe. Supported by Sydney Solar Consultants a Div. of Strategy24 Pty. Ltd Australia & Aus. Renewable Energy Ltd. - Australia & Hong Kong with extensive knowledge and experience gained in the solar energy products field we have now setup the India base starting in Udaipur Rajasthan where our roots lie.
Generate free electricity from the sun
A 5kW solar system can save Rs.11 lakhs over its lifetime

System Options
Standalone or Inverter based systems
Surya SHAKTI – 3 to 5kW (High Power Inverter-Battery Systems. 3 options available. Removes dependence on electricity )
Residential Grid Connected Systems
Surya URJA - 1kW to 20kW (grid connected solar systems for homes and offices)
Grid Connected battery Solar Systems
Surya SAVER 8000 & 16000 (5kW solar system with 8kWa or 16kWa battery . Perfect where electricity supply is a problem. )
Commercial & Industrial Solar Systems
Commercial Solar PV Systems from 20kW to 500kW(Grid Connected with Diesel Generation Connection Optional Battery available)
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Understanding System Types & Options
Home Energy Saving and Renewables
Australian Solar Power has a range of systems suitable for all your needs. If we don’t have it – we will customise one for your requirement. Click and explore the range of high power battery inverter systems, grid connected, grid connected with battery back-up and commercial solar systems. Call us on 91 88907 48000 and our consultants will come and do a free assessment of your requirements
Standalone / Off Grid – Inverter Based Systems
Battery systems not connected to grid, suitable from cities to villages for the continous power you want
Grid Connected System with Net meter
Grid connected to take advantage of government rebates. Great way for you reduce your power bill
Grid connected with battery back up - where electricity supply is frequently disrupted. Maximize solar power for day and night
News and events
Economic Times
India to add 2,000 MW solar capacity in January-March....
Newly introduced Solar Policy....
Solar Panels to save doomed lake
Hamirpur to Go Solar
International Project Involvement
Australian Solar Power has recently established its operations in Rajasthan. However the Directors in their individual capacity have been involved in projects. Some of these examples it just to highlight the depth or work done and involvement internationally in their individual capacities. This in no way are to be considered the work of Australian Solar Power